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    Only 41 Ownership Shares Available.

    Do to our project limitations, our 1st round only include 41 firm partners. 40 members will receive equal share of all profits. Inquiry Today!

    We are looking for agency partners.

    Every company has screwed over its employees and many have been sued for not paying or underpaying its employees. Digital Marketers are the backbone of the marketing industry and great marketers should be well compensated well. That’s why we are controlled and funded by our employees who produce the content that the public consumes.

    How We Work?

    Simply put, we work together to build our own businessess then sell the business for a profit. Split those profits then wash rinse and repeat.

    How To Write From Home and Own A Company

    • Your Share @ $5500/Year or $500/Month
    • Spend 2 Hours/Day On Agency Projects
    • Spread The Work About Programs
    Because we are worker-owned, we also share in expenses when revenue doesn’t cut it. 
      • Share Price: $500/ Month, until revenue covers all costs.
    We share in the cost to build this agency and therefore we share in profits.

    Regardless of how many shares someone holds, every member only gets one vote. We vote on all essential management decisions

    We as owners mutually agreed on how and when to pursue a project.
    Every owner is required to market our projects via social media and represent themselves as an owner.
    Writers are required to publish two SEO optimized opinion pieces each week. The ideal length is 1500-2500 words per article.

    Available Partnership Positions

    Content Writers

    The content writer is responsible for researching, writing and editing various types of content such as articles, blog posts, website content, social media posts, and marketing materials. 

    Graphic Designers

    The Graphic Designer is responsible for creating visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or cause action.

    Social Manager

    The project manager is responsible for planning, executing, and closing projects according to schedule, budget, and quality while leading a cross-functional team.

    Data Analyst

    The data analyst is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting complex data to inform business decisions. You will use statistical techniques and software to analyze data.

    Web Designer

    A web designer is responsible for creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites. You will work closely with clients and development teams to understand project requirements .

    PPC Manager

    The PPC (Pay-per-click) Managers is responsible for the planning, implementation, and optimization of paid advertising campaigns across various platforms, including Google Ads.