Termaine Davis is a International entrepreneurs, scholar, coach and startegic advisor specializing in bridging gap between doers and thinker. Upon recieving his M.B.A Termaine pursued his D.B.A from Walden university with a focus on entrepreneurial Technologies and the cooperative ecosystems as a method of social development.  Termaine Davis is the founder of Together System, an NGO focused on unity people around business. He is also the sole developer of Synergy Systems, a training method design to reach under-performing founder and idealist and supercharge their grow by adapting a data-centrist and Team-building about to startup and business development. Termaine Davis is previously the president of Central Illinois Score, a S.B.A program funded by the U.S Congress to mentor entreprenuers on best business development practices.

Internationally, Termaine Davis has experience in the international trade or Coffee, Shea Butter and Neem Oil.  Currently, Termaine Davis is coaching entrepreneurs around the  world and available at anytime by appointment.