Regarding of your available capital, this ebook will allow you to start a business using hard work instead of capital!

Authored by Dr. Termaine Davis

Forget everything you’ve been told about starting a business because most successful businesses does not take that route. In this straight-to-the-point ebook, I will show you the best way to start a business in 2022. Forget business registrations, tax ids, over-prices websites, business loans, business cards, and all the lies corporate media tells you. This ebook lays the foundation needed for anyone to get started.



Everything you've been told about starting a business is wrong.

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    How To Start A Business With No-Money

    More and more acquaintances approach me with the idea of starting a

    business without money They ask me things like Franck, what business can I start? How can I find a good idea to start a business? or what business do I set up?

    The number of people who are unemployed increases day after day, so many people find themselves without economic resources and must find a way to obtain their own income.

    In these troubled times, there are basically only two options to get it:’

    • You are lucky enough to find a job, which

    It will surely imply that you will have to give up many of the advantages that you had in your last position (accept a lower salary, fewer social benefits, etc.).

    • Or you should invent a job and figure out what business to start.

    I see many people who already have a certain professional path and who are very lost. They are very valuable people who should not have so many problems when creating their own job.

    This has nothing to do with a lack of technical or business preparation, but with a lack of mental preparation: ability to have initiatives, to believe in oneself and to launch out to undertake.

    In this post today, I am going to show you what the initial step in the genesis of a business project can be that is feasible (without resources to launch) and that allows you to generate decent income on the Internet in the medium term.

    What businesses can I start without money?

    I want to tell you about a concept present in the ebook above, I teach you the 3 steps to starting a business without a lot of money. In general terms,  there are 3 spheres that must come together to create a successful momentum in a business project.


    On the one hand, you have to have skills. In the case of a company, it is about knowledge, technology, manufacturing or sales processes.

    If you have been working for 10 or 15 years in a sector in a well-defined functional area, there are many things that you know a lot about. Make a list of all of them, without worrying for now about whether they are worth something in the market or not.


    The second sphere is that of the things you really like.

    In this book, Dr. Termaine Davis showed that in absolutely every successful project, there was a management team that was truly passionate, not about management or making more money, but about the products themselves, about helping the people who bought their products. or its services.

    This is the sphere of passion. And I think there is a fundamental message in this: you are unemployed, okay, but you hated your job. So if you didn’t like your job, now’s your chance . correct this aspect of your life. And if you are approaching your 40s, it is a good time to make this reflection and not spend the rest of your life doing things that you do not like. Go preparing a second list in which you list absolutely all the passions you may have: your hobbies, the things you really like. It is very important that people perceive not only good content but also that desire, that joy, that contagious energy that you feel when you enjoy doing what you like.


    The third sphere is that of the ability to sell. In companies, the purpose is quite obvious: to sell products or services and earn money to be able to distribute it to its shareholders. In your project as an entrepreneur, you must be very clear that in the short term there is a need to sell. I know a lot of people who are technically very competent (excellent writers, designers or programmers), but have no training or skills in management, marketing and sales.

    If this is your case, what you have to do in the very short term is to train yourself. If you understand as I do that the future passes through the digital channel, my recommendation is that you sign up for a course in which they teach you how to sell. Then you will master these tactics and at the same time try to implement what you are learning in your own project. You must realize that if you help a collective to solve important problems, you can always sell professional services to this collective. And if you use your imagination a little, surely you can also sell them physical or digital products.


    At the meeting point of these three spheres (skills, passion and sales capacity). When these three universes meet, it is when the projects really succeed. LEARN TO RECYCLE YOUR STRENGTHS INTO SOMETHING


    The idea is to mix passion and skills.

    So let’s imagine an expert consultant in change management who wants to convert, because his passion is psychology, and he is in a process of transformation to be a coach in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Instead of continuing with the theme of change management focused on large companies, the focus should change to investigate change management in the sphere of people.

    There are many things that are valid and can be reused. In marketing we could say that it is a change of segment from large companies to people. I’m not telling you that you have to make a clean slate of everything you’ve done in the past. That would be a mistake.


    Imagine that you are a consultant and suddenly you wake up and want to be… I don’t know… a masseur, even though you have absolutely no preparation to be one. This transformation process will take years because you have to do it seriously, getting a diploma and learning the trade. This is the correct path. If this is what you want, that’s fine with me. Go ahead. Now, you will have to provide answers to very complex questions:

    How do I transform from a consultant to a massage therapist in aof time that can include several years and while I live decently earning at least the money I need to pay the bills? • Can I still live in a big city?

    • Where do I find the time to study/learn a new job?

    For this you will have to design an action plan that takes into account that it will be a long process, which will not happen overnight. To achieve this change, one must be aware of the costs of this transformation process.

    How to start a business with no money?

    I assume that you have done the exercise that I have given you and that you have a couple of ideas to create a job. This will be the starting point.


    If you do not have money to start your activity and your only asset is your time, your desire and your knowledge (which is not little!), you have no choice but to bet on setting up your own online business.

    Buy a domain and hosting and set up a blog It will cost you about €60 for 12 months of activity. In Fact, A social media page is a free alternative to websites. In fact, in this article you will see how much it costs to create a blog with a budget adjusted to your portfolio.

    Starting a business with less money is a difficult thing to achieve.


    Get away from the tempting sirens of online advertising (a news portal that generates money with advertising). It is a very unlikely business model, even more so if you are new to these issues. The idea that I propose is super simple:

    Identify a group that has problems in their personal life or work life. Give answers to these problems.

    There’s no more. You are a sherpa at the service of your readers.

    How to start a business without money step by step?

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