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Avoid Exorbitant Land Prices By Joining DFW Land Buying Group

The Math Is Simple: Buying In Bulk Saves Money.

  1. Cost of a 1/4 acre buildable lot in DFW: $120,000
  2. Cost of 6 Acres In DFW: $500,000
  3. One acre usually equals four buildable Lots, Therefore 6 Acres equals 24 Buildable Lots.
  4. $500,000/24 lots= $20,000/Lot
  5. That’s a $80,000 Savings.  Why Not?!!!

To Good To Be True? Nope! This is a strategy used by many organizations to achieve land ownership.  Here’s a couple examples!

Here is another company.

Another example!

Our Difference! We live/work here.

We are not an investment group of technology startup.  We buy land together in order to make land ownership and home ownership more affordable to us.  Our members are looking for either farmland/homestead or a lot to build their home.

One of the biggest advantages of a Dallas Land Buyers Group. is the affordability it offers. With many people sharing the cost of the land purchase, each member pays a smaller portion of the total cost. This makes owning land much more accessible for those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. It also eliminates the need for taking out large loans, which can be difficult to repay.

Dallas Land Buyers Group can also help members with the process of building their homes, providing advice and support throughout the construction process. 

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