Stop Renting & Join A Tenant-Owned Property – Duplicate – [#4668]

Learn How TO Join This Exciting New Tenant Owned Property In Dallas Texas. 

What is a Tenant-Owned Apartment Building?

A tenant-owned apartment building is an apartment building owned and operated by the tenants. The tenants have full control over the property and each tenant owns a piece of the entire building. Instead of looking for Apartments for rent, join us in building Tenent-Owned Apartments.

Reserve Your Spot The Common Pueblo.

June 23th 5pm, 2022. Arlington, Tx

    Why Tenant Ownership?

    1. Lower costs: 1/2 of all rent goes to the owner’s pockets. In tenant ownership, that half is retained.  Tenants save money by sharing all costs and management duties.
    2. Less Debt: Without a home mortgage on your credit report, your ability to get a loan for a second home, car, or even a business is higher. Why? Because you won’t owe the bank 300k
    3. Trust & Community: You will live next door to people you know and meet with on a regular basis. Your neighbors became your extended family.

    Project By Together Systems, A 501C3 Non-Profit.