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A Private Coaching Club For Entrepreneurs.


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Learn About Everything Entrepreneurship

Digital Marketing

Access to Capital

Sales Training

Lean Startup

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Find Business Partners

Marketing Mondays is a dedicated to marketing and sales training and workshops.

Find Business Contractors

Tech Tuesdays is a monthly event in which we bring in speakers to talk about tech in entrepreneurship subjects.

Practice Your Pitches

We host weekly members only workshop designed to improve our members ability to start and build businesses.

Find Business Financing

Thursdays are dedicated to community discussions, fireside chats and general open platform development.

Funding Fridays

Fridays are dedicated to discussion and training about the highly specific aspects of obtaining funding for your business and/or startup.

Social Saturdays

It is not about what you know, but who you know. Therefore we emphasis the  meeting new people.We will plan networking events in conjunction with dinner, happy hours, tea and other events.

International Events

We will make every attempt to bring internationally branded events to our members and host them along side our schedule.

The Founders Clubhouse

The Founders clubhouse will be an informal self-managed space where members socialize and work. The facility will offer all the features of a co-working space with the corporate feel. Kick back and work