What Is A Writers Share Prices

In a worker cooperative, a worker becomes a worker-owner, or member-owner, by purchasing a membership share. Membership shares are common shares that provide the highest voting rights
within the company. Unlike in other companies, each worker-owner can only own one membership share. Whether you’re a new startup cooperative or a conventional business transitioning to a co-op
model, you’ll need to identify an appropriate price for your membership shares.

This guide provides a brief overview of the purpose of the membership fee and guidance on factors you should consider when
making this decision. The membership fee is the cost of a membership share and is determined by the board of directors.
How do you determine the right price of a membership share for your cooperative? There is no right answer—the fee can be set at virtually any level, although it should be within reach of the people who work at the firm. Some co-ops set the fee at $50 or $100 to ensure membership is accessible to everyone.

Other co-ops set the fee within a higher range, from $1,000 to $30,000, which can help capitalize the business while ensuring that new members are committed to ownership. Some co-ops
choose not to charge a fee and give the membership share to workers after they meet eligibility requirements for ownership.
The offer and sale of membership shares requires careful attention to laws regarding stock purchase agreements. 


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